Website for Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria :

Website for Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria :
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If you need website for printing recharge cards in Nigeria, you can try :


By making use of the NetDivo online recharge card printing portal, you do not need to install any recharge card printing software on your computer.

In fact, the portal makes it easy to print recharge cards with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This is simply because you do everything via your web browser eg Google Chrome. You will need internet access everytime you want to access the portal though, unlike Netdivo recharge cards printing software that does not require internet.

To get started using the portal, you will be required to register for your account and you will need an access or activation code for the account to be activated for you.

The activation code for the website for printing recharge cards costs #9,500.

Once your account is activated, you can sign in with your username and password

Thereafter, you can upload the sample epin that would be sent to you and print it out to test the portal.

Once you are able to print out the sample and get to know how to use the portal for printing recharge cards, you can go ahead to buy epins from any recharge card pin dealers in Nigeria and use the portal to print them out as airtime vouchers.

Below is a sample of the print out from the portal.

sample mtn epins

You can get started now @

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