Top 8 Business ideas That will make you Big money on Christmas period.

Christmass period
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The Christmas season can be a busy time for businesses in a wide array of industries. But it can also be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore new ventures or opportunities. You can build an entire business around this particular holiday to earn some extra income or display new talents toward the end of the year.


If you are willing to start a business with little capital and with the assurance that the business will surely succeed, then you will need to take advantage of various business ideas that can be started during festive periods.

For the business-minded individuals, festive periods present a lot of opportunities to make extra income as a lot of people think of having fun irrespective of what it will cost them

In this article, we’ll look at eight interesting businesses that make money every time we celebrate on the continent, from the beginning of December to early January – every year!

While most people see festive periods as an opportunity to spend money for celebration, entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity to make more money.

  1. Poultry Business:

Chicken and turkey are two of the most preferred meats of choice during the festive season, both for the rich and poor who can afford it.

It’s no surprise that during the holiday season, the price of poultry products skyrocket.

Last year, during the Christmas season in Lagos (Nigeria) where I live, the price of live chickens doubled from about $7.50 to $15. The same trend appears to be repeating itself this year.

Worse still, the ban on imported poultry products in Nigeria has not helped to ease the market supply gap.

Every year, over five million tons of chicken are consumed in Africa, and the Christmas holiday season is often the peak of consumption. And sadly, a significant proportion of this volume is imported from South America (especially Brazil) and Asia.

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As Africa’s population continues to grow, and its preference for poultry products during the festive season remains the same, the demand for chicken and turkey will continue to outstrip supply every December.

2. Gift Shop:

Basically any retail store is going to be busy during the holidays. But if you only make big money during this time of year, find a pop-up space or set up an online store and sell popular gift items.

3. Rice

Christmas Season in Africa - Image 3

Rice is one of the most popular ‘non-traditional’ foods eaten across Africa, especially during the end-of-year holidays.

Outside Asia, sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest growing rates of rice consumption. In the past two decades, per capita rice consumption in sub- Saharan Africa has increased by more than 50 percent

It’s not uncommon for rice to be exchanged as gifts during the yuletide season. And many families across the continent are very likely to eat and share a wide variety of rice dishes.

Sadly, Africa is not yet self-sufficient in rice production and a sizeable proportion of rice eaten on the continent is imported from overseas, especially Asia.

So, as you enjoy a meal of jollof, fried or any of the other popular rice assortments this holiday, remember that rice costs our continent billions of dollars every year in imports.

4. Organize Entertainment Shows:

This is a period of celebration and people would love to be present at where the fun is happening live. Smart entrepreneurs can take advantage of festive periods to organize musical shows either for children or adults only where people will have to pay a fair gate fee to come in and enjoy themselves.

If you know how to organize events or you can team up with a musical band, you can organize a concert in your community or city with great artists coming to perform. People will be happy to pay to enter your show as far as it promises to be fun and groovy.

 5. Transportation:

Christmas Season in Africa - Image 5

During the festive season, there’s often a ‘reverse migration’ phenomenon, as more people travel from urban areas and city centres to the countryside to visit with family.

on Christmas periods, I tried to book a flight for 26th December to the countryside to spend a few days with my in-laws.

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No available flights.

Now, we’ll have to travel by road. Even the road transport fares have nearly doubled too.

This personal experience just shows the huge demand for transportation services during the holiday season. It’s the same high human traffic with all modes of transport – airlines, buses, cars etc.

As the state of public transport systems in many African countries is poor, private transport businesses are cashing in on the huge seasonal demand for transport services.

6. Sell Clothes and Shoes:
This is another business idea for festive periods that any smart entrepreneur can venture into and make lots of cash. If you have not observed before, most boutique owners record unusual increase in patronage during festive periods.

Everybody want to look good during festive periods as it is a general tradition to always buy new clothes during festive periods.You can start a mobile clothes business and sell to people in your church, your family members, friends and make good amount of money.

7. Sell Children’s Toys:
Children toys sell very well during Christmas season. Toys are stuff that kids are never tired of and so parents usually use Christmas periods to surprise their kids with beautiful toys.

Beauty Salons

Christmas Season in Africa - Image 6

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My wife has been preoccupied with choosing the best hairstyle for the yuletide. She already tried twice to get her hair done at her regular beauty salon.

She’s been unsuccessful on both attempts. Reason? No space.

It appears every woman in Lagos is on rampage at the hairdresser’s. At this time of year, the average African woman spends a few dollars on herself to get a great hairdo.

That’s why every Christmas holiday season. Beauty salon businesses make a lot of money as they serve the needs of a ‘beauty-hungry’ market.

8. Holiday Card Photography:

For photographers, this season is a popular time for people to commission family photos for their own holiday cards.

So, there you have it. These are my top 7 best business ideas that you can start in any festive periods, and make cool cash for yourself.

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To your success!

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