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You can sign up for free, set up just on autopilot and collect your earnings, which you can then spend on whatever you want. New car, new clothes, or simply improve your entire lifestyle. No investment needed. no social media followers needed. It works all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. It’s brand new and fresh and it’s perfect for complete beginners.


But you must follow all of the steps from this video and take massive action because this will not work. If you don’t do the work. If you just read this tutorial and you don’t even try, then you will make no money at all. So wants to dive into comments whether you’re completely new to the online business or you’re already making some money online. I’ve been down in the comments below. Now, before we start. Don’t forget to drop a like to This post leave a comment if you love making money online. And if you haven’t already, be sure to do yourself a favor by clicking the subscribe button with the notification on. And I will notify you when I have a new and fresh strategy to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it. And that way, of course, will make the most money.

OK, so this is the website which we will be using today. This is the platform that we never talked about earlier, but it actually works really well and it can make a decent amount of passive income if you set it up once and you set it up properly . Now you can see that this is a really trusted company and has a five star reviews

Now, the website name is Proof Source, and this is already This is the ultimate conversion increase tool. This is a tool that entrepreneurs, business owners, and people that are selling anything online can use to increase their sales and increase their conversion, or to 25 different businesses all around the world are using provesourse to increase credibility and sales using social proof. So basically, it works like this. You can set it up just by copy and pasting some codes and you can add these social proofs, your landing page to your sales page, so you can increase your conversions and ultimately increase your sales. Now, don’t worry, you will not have to sell anything online. You do not have to set up a store. You do not need a website for this. And you do not need to be an established business to make thousands of dollars with this tool, because I’m going to show you a simple trick that will allow you to do this as a complete beginner and make a big passive income as a complete beginner.

So make sure to follow each and every step. Now, you can see people that come over to this website will be able to see this landing page where they can sign up, were absolutely free to this tool that is going to increase their conversions. They can sign up for 100 percent free. No credit card required for them. No, you will not have to sign up to this tool and you will not have to buy it. But for the step number one, I just want to teach you a little bit more about Producers’. You’re going to see what other people are saying about this tool. For example, this website owner says news site visit Reconversion to trial increased by over fourteen point five percent a month after adding professors. So that’s just a lot. If they were making ten thousand dollars a month, now they’re making an additional one thousand four hundred dollars a month. And obviously some of those business owners are making a lot more than ten thousand dollars a month. So not only is it proven that they have big budgets, but it’s proven that fourteen point three percent increase in revenue is a massive increase for them. That’s a lot of money for them.

Now, you can definitely just come over to and read more about all of the benefits it has. But I just want to show you a couple of stuff that they’re going to be really important to us. Now, it’s here. It’s talking about how social proof is key to success and how this will throw your upset into a busy and interesting place that compels buyer action. Electoral visitors, no, they aren’t the only ones at a party. So obviously, if you think about it, if you put yourself in a buyer’s position, you would obviously buy something that a lot of other people are also buying. You don’t want to be the only one buying some stuff. And that’s why this works so, so well. And it creates a word of mouth effect. It’s hard to tell how hot a website is. That’s why provesource makes your customers online experience as informative and compelling as visiting a real place. Now, I just want to show this is the most important thing they can generate more sales guaranteed. So these guys guaranteed that adding their tool to your website, your sales page, will increase your sales. And that’s just insane. And if we go order there quick statistics, you will be able to see that average increase in conversions after adding prove due to landing page or your sales page is seventeen point four percent, which means if a business owner that is making ten thousand Dollars a month as this tool, they have a potential to make an additional one thousand seven hundred dollars or more every single month so they can see a massive return on their investment. Now, if you think about it, there are millions of businesses online, not millions, but maybe hundreds of millions of people selling something online. And only around 25000 of them are using provesourse And that’s why this will have a massive potential for us. And you will see why. So once again, step number one is to go over to prove source , go through the page, go through the landing page, go through the sales page and read more about how this tool works and read more about all of the benefits it has for the people that are using step number three.

Now, I want you to go all the way down to the bottom of the Web site and underneath the product section. I want you to click on the affiliate program. So you want to join their affiliate program because they’re paying big commissions and they’re paying reoccurring monthly commissions, which means you can make big passive income with this. And I’m also going to share the different traffic sources with you that include no social media sites, no worry, no Facebook groups, no Instagram, no YouTube whatsoever. I’m going to show you some unique traffic sources that are going to allow you to make affiliate commissions completely free and effortlessly. You will see exactly how that works so you can earn up to 40 percent of commission for every paying customer referred by your unique affiliate link. And if you go over to their pricing plan, you will be able to see today have started a plan and a growth plan. If someone signs up to this 21 dollars month plan, you will be making 40 percent off of that every single month, which may not seem like a lot, but it will quickly add up because I’m going to show you how you can literally refer to thousands of people. They will benefit from this tool and just think about how easy it’s going to be to make them sign up, because, as you saw, they can get seventeen point four percent increase in their sales, which means they can make thousands of dollars in additional revenue every single month. And all they have to do is buy 21 books. So those business owners will be really thankful for you referring them to this Web site. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. And if some of them want to buy even more expensive plans so they can benefit, even more, they will need to be fifty-four dollars a month, which will make you even more passive income. Now, they also have some bigger plans. You can see Monster and Gorilla, that one hundred and nine and do a hundred and nineteen dollars. And if you prefer a big business owner that has a lot of monthly visits, they will buy even more expensive plans, which will make you a lot more money.

And since they’re seeing a return on that investment, they will keep using this tool. And as long as they keep using this tool, you will keep making passive income every single month. I mean, you can do this only for one month. You can refer people on only for one single month and closed a laptop. Do you whatever you want to do, and enjoy your passive income. But you just need to do it right, right now because it’s obviously not going to fall from the sky. Those referrals will not fall from the sky. And you all need to take action. You will need to do the work first, but it can definitely pay off because this has a huge potential. So step number three is to just sign up to the Denver affiliate program by clicking on become an affiliate right here. You can then sign up either by contacting your Google account or by manually entering your valid email address and create a password and retype that same password. Now, just confirm your email by clicking on this link sent to your mailbox, then log into your brand new account. Then just click, refer, and earn. And as you can see, you will get your link instantly so you don’t have to wait around to get approved or whatsoever. You can instantly start making money with this website and you can instantly start building your passive income machine. So just click this copy button so you can copy your special affiliate link. If you take massive action and you follow all of the steps from this video, as soon as you earn twenty-five dollars, you will be able to cash out so you can enter your PayPal email address in this box. And when you have twenty-five dollars on your balance, just click request and they will pay you directly to your PayPal account so you can spend that money on whatever you want to do. So once again, step number four is to grab your special affiliate link once you create an account on provesourse affiliate. Not the very first traffic source which you can use to get those referral earnings is to go over to Google and search for people that are selling something online. So you can find people that are selling digital courses. You can find people that are selling physical products. You can find people that are selling clothes, that are running restaurants, that are running different shops, coffee bars that are selling maybe affiliate marketing courses, photography courses, graphic design courses, and much, much more. You have them once again, hundreds of millions of people that are selling something online. I personally like to focus on people that are selling digital products because I just find it easier to make them sign up for such a tool. And just as an example, I will search for a photography course and I will open it. Some of these Web sites, for example, will open up this one, and as you can see, they are not using provesourse to increase their revenue. So what I can do is I can find their contact details. And in most of the cases, that’s going to be at the bottom of the Web said so at least at the bottom of the Web site you can find that are Sociales. So you can find their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube and contact them over there, or you will be able to see their contact us page right here so you can e-mail them or even call them if you want. You can even text them. But the best thing you can do is send them an email.

So find people that are selling something online, open up their shops, open on their Web sites, find their contact details and you can tell them about all of the benefits prove source can have on their website and on their business. You can tell them that they will increase their revenue. It will increase their conversions by, on average, seventeen point four percent. And obviously, not every single business owner will accept the offer. But after a lot of tries, you will get some of them to sign up and you don’t need a lot of them soon enough to make a big passive income because you’re earning recurring commissions every single month. So once again, for the traffic source number one, you can simply go over to Google search for people that are selling something online, search for Web stores, open on their websites, try to find their contact details, and offer them prove source with your affiliate link. Just make sure to use that affiliate link, which you copied in the previous study. And a lot of them will be thankful because you will help them build their business.

You will help them scale up their business to the next level and earn more money. So not only are you doing a really great thing for those businesses, not only are you helping them grow, but you’re also making a lot of passive income because you’re earning those reoccurring commissions once again every single month. And that was the step. Number one, this was an absolutely average traffic source. And now I’m going to show a second traffic source, which is also absolutely free, which might be even better than this one-second traffic source, which you can use is to go over to This is an absolutely free tool that will find you loads of different forums in a specific niche or a category so you can join and promote their special affiliate link.

Watch the full video here on how to set it up once:

So what I highly recommend you do is click on categories right here. Once you come over to and you will be able to see this section that says business and economy. And underneath that, you can find loads of different subcategories that are also talking about business and finance. So let’s say, for example, I’m going to open up to finance. That is going to give me different forums, which I can join where people are discussing a business and probably market. And if you think about it, these forums are probably being visited by a lot of business owners. So I can join those forums. I will fill out the capture for some reason and now I can join the forum by clicking the joined button right here, create an account and I can start the discussion and I can say something along the lines of, hey, guys, I’ve been using this tool for a while and it really improved my conversions, it really increased my sales. So if anyone wants to use it, here’s my affiliate link. It can be really beneficial. It can take your business to the next level. And you can, of course, talk a little bit more about the benefits provesourse can have on their business. You can find more information on the official sales page, on and pretty much talk about the same stuff and just paste your special affiliate links.

And just imagine how simple it will be to make them sign up to something that will benefit them, to make them sign up to something that will increase their conversions and sales, that will give them a return on their investment, which can be like 20 bucks a month, especially if they see that as an investment. So go up there how those business owners on either Google directly or just go to find information and find different forums, go how those business owners increase their sales and revenue. This requires a lot of work, time, effort, and dedication, but it can definitely pay off and eventually make you a big passive income. As you saw, there was nothing complicated about this. It’s a really simple process. It just requires some work and time, but it’s completely newbie-friendly and it was all absolutely free. You can use other social traffic to maximize your result So go give it a try. I hope you did get some value out of this post. And if you did, don’t forget to drop it a Like, do it, share. And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to this channel with notifications on, so you don’t miss out on any of the new content. As always, thanks for reading. And we’ll see you in some of the next posts. Please use this link to register-

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