Get paid $900 to click on websites for free (make money online)

get paid to click on websites
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By clicking on any website can you earn $0.50 per click? Is it possible? Yes, today I have come up with some websites through which one can earn by clicking on them, by viewing ads or by watching videos on those sites can earn from $0.50 to $2.0. Many users are earning good income by doing so. Let’s see the proof of income. One user from Bangladesh has earned $2.0 and has withdrawn it.  Also you can see users from India are using this site to earn income. SO the best part is that no matter from whichever Country you belong to, you can register and earn income from this site. The earning which is shown here is of short duration. Maybe it is for the past 1-2 hours only.


So first of all let us calculate the earnings received by each click and so on. For 1 click you get $0.5, for 10 Clicks you get $5 and for 100 clicks you get $50. So more the number of clicks on ads, videos more will be you’re earning.  you can repeat the process to increase earnings.   today I will tell you how to sign up on this site, generate revenue and bonus tips to increase earnings.  Let us start and know you can earn online through clicking on the website. The first website is LITEGPT.COM. Just scroll down before we sign up. As you can see PTC which is paid to click, Video ads there are also other ways to earn shown here. But our main goal is to earn through PTC and video ads to earn revenue.

Now look at Earners Benefits

  • One can earn as many as 8 ways to provide flexibility
  • Instant withdrawal or low minimum. You can withdraw even if you have earned as low as $0.5
  • Withdraw in many currencies depending upon the counter which is applicable or users belong to
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals- you can even earn through referrals
  • Cheap and Profitable upgrade plans- you can upgrade plans
  • Daily bonus
  • Passive Income

Now you can see the total number of members 27266, Total Earned $1560, Members online are 1517 and Total Paid out is $590. Now let us see how to register on this website? For registering, you need to provide Username, Email, Password, Confirm Password, Verification, and then register is to be opted. This was the first site

The second site is You get paid every 10 seconds. also  get paid for browsing advertiser’s sites. You can receive cash out instantly and withdraw after earning $2.  register on

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