Earn $10,000 Every Week by promoting Affiliate Products (New Strategy) And is absolutely free-Make money online

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Many people want to make money online but they don,t know where to start or they don,t have money to start it, But you don,t need to worry because am going to show you how to make 10000$ online for absolutely free. All you need is your smart phone or laptop.
I will show you how to go from zero to thousands of dollars with a unique strategy we have
never talked about it in this website
so less go closely and start all the way to end.


Step Number one:

-Sign up to Facebook, If you already have a Facebook account, then lets go to step number two

Step number two: Pick your niche- is either you choose, Business niche, weight lost and fitness, health and other niche.

Step number three:Go to canva.com – Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. … The platform is free to use and offers paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality.

So go to canva and sign up, create a Facebook cover photo. so search for a Facebook cover template Redesign it and add your niche topic, make it to look attractive. and download it to your computer

Step number four: Go to Facebook and create a Facebook group and called it something related to your niche, then upload the cover photo and you are good to make money.

So follow all the steps I have show you. make sure you don’t make any mistakes because if you do, you might end up making little or no money. So let’s begin the second process

Go to backsales.com/video

Is a platform with videos and photos you can download and use it for life time. So search a video related to your niche, download one photo and video.

You can also use pixel to get some free videos and photos.

Then find affiliate products to promote, you can use digistore24.com , Jumia, amazon, konga and many others. is absolutely free and world wide and also easy to signup. so when you sign up find a product that is related to your niche and start promoting it.

find the products you want to promote, copy your link, and go back to your Facebook groups. So before you post your affiliate link, go to search and search for other groups related to your own niche, for example, if you are into weight loss, so search for weight loss and follow those groups. add the members of the groups as your friend by sending them friend requests, add as many as you can, then if they accept your friend request, invite them to like your group.

Then upload those videos you got from backsale and pixel, then say something like if you want to lose weight in two weeks click here, then attache your affiliate link. Sometimes Facebook does not accept links, what you need to do is to tell them to message you, If they do send them you affiliate link. Try it over and over. you can use instagram, twitter, Quora and other platform to get a better result.

The last platform you can use to make more sales is called listjoe


You can send up to 1000 email, per day using listjoe and is absolute free. All you need to do is to sign up and send emails to 1000 people telling them about the product you are promoting and why they should buy it, then attached your affiliate link. At least at of 1000 people 300 will read the mail and 50 will click on the link, let say 10 or 20 people will buy your product.

Please make sure you subscribe to notification, thanks for reading.

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