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Do you actually know that you can make thousands of dollar every day with Google, here is the step by step on how you will make $1000 every 30 Min over and over again with Google. If you are good in writing; this post is for you; but if you are not, you are also welcome because i will show you how you can copy other peoples article and rewrite it with one click.

Step one: Ride over to Google and type Google news: This is where you will see all kinds of trending and latest news around the world, Like news, health, Business, Politics e.t.c.

For the purpose of this post, we will be using health as our main focus. So click on the category “Health” Select the latest news about health that people will love to read. Go through it and copy the articles and paste it in Step two.

Step two: Go to spinbot.com paste the articles that you copied on step one, paste it and it will rewrite the articles so that it will not be a copied post. Then copy the article that rewrite article and head over to step three. See the example below:

Step three: Copy the unique and rewrite article and summit it to eatingwell.com, you can summit those article and get paid.

How to summit article on eatingwell.com, Send them message on email with your article and wait for them to review it and get back to you. They will pay you $1 for each word. Imagine you write UP TO 1000 Words, that is $1000. If they approve your article, they will now ask you for your payment details, and you will get paid immediately.

Another site you can summit your article and get paid is sierraclub.org. but you will need to write something related to science and technology. Follow the same step above and summit your article.

Another website that will pay you to write articles for them is daily.jstor.org. Follow the same steps above and you will making thousands of dollars every day.

Check the three website and know which one works best for you. Make sure you leave a comment below; tell me where you are confused; so that i can help you out.

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