Black Friday 2020 Offer free NetDivo Recharge Card Printing Software and Online Portal Access Code.

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If you want to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria, a universal recharge card printing software or website for printing recharge cards is one of the requirements.


With NetDivo ePin Manager, you can start printing recharge cards from your computer without internet access. All you need do, is to upload e-pins you generate or buy from recharge card epins dealers and print them out with your business name on them.

You can download NetDivo recharge card printing software to your computer for free but you will need to pay for the authorization code before you can make use of it.

As Black Friday offer, you can get NetDivo ePin manager authorization code for #5,500 instead of #9,500. This is a whooping #4,000 discount.

If you are interested use the contact form at to grab the offer asap.

You can also pay online now via :

Below is a sample of what the recharge cards look like when you print them out :

sample mtn epins

If you do not have a computer, you can print recharge cards with mobile phone by making use of the netdivo epin manager online portal.

The online recharge cards printing portal can be access by any device that has a web browser and can be connected to the internet.

The NetDivo website for printing recharge cards allows you to upload airtime e-pins you buy from any dealer and it helps you convert it to airtime vouchers which you can print out from printer connected to your phone.

The vouchers can also be saved in pdf and exported for printing from anywhere i.e cyber cafe, business centre etc. You can also add company name to recharge cards you print with your mobile phone.

You can access the online airtime printing portal via

but you need an access code for you to be registered on the platform.

As Black friday offer, you can get the access code for the NetDivo Online recharge card printing portal for #7,500 instead of #9,500.

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